Project Data


SHOES INNOVA – New learning resources to increase the competitiveness of the European SME footwear sector.


ES/05/B/F/PP-149391 - priority 3: "Development of relevant content and innovative virtual learning"

Start Date: 01/10/2005

End Date: 01/04/2008

Participating Businesses: 7

Financed By:

Leonardo da Vinci European Programme

Coordinated by:

INESCOP – Technological Institute for footwear and other related industries

Project Objectives

In accordance with the 2005 meeting of Leonardo da Vinci Program, the SHOES-INNOVA project has finalised their political application regarding professional development, which contributes to the promotion of European knowledge, from the development of the European cooperation in the fields of education and professionalism that has materialized through the creation of a complementary European association formed by 7 organizations from 3 different European countries (Spain, Italy and Slovenia). The association, amongst others, represents two countries (Spain and Italy) that have an estimated footwear production of around 70% of the European footwear production. In the same way SHOES-INNOVA supports the political learning alongside the States members as well as the development of knowledge, skills, and competition that supports vigorous exercise amongst the workers and the capacity of added professionals.

Target Groups and sectors

This project is aimed at the workers in the European SME footwear sector and related industries. At present there are more than 27, 371 potential businesses in the footwear sector, throughout the European Union. A large majority of these are SME businesses that distribute work directly to some 361,662 workers.