The SHOES-INNOVA project, uses a formative system to train the workers in their work roles and familiarise them with the new technology in order to increase the competitiveness of the European SME footwear sector, and enable the European cooperation to develop in the fields of education and professionalism.

The objectives specific to this programme are:

  • To identify the formative requirements based on the potential studies of the footwear sector over the next 5 years.
  • To develop a continuous analytical dot-matrix method using potential CIT technological studies from Spain and Italy, in order to primarily combine the sector’s current formative systems with the objective to define which are the formative requirements that are not covered by the current system.
  • Continuity with the support from the project associates and their flexibility between formative areas, groups, sectors and environments.
  • To predict new business tendencies and formative requirements that the sector will need in order to withstand competition and maintain employment, in the sector.
  • To incorporate the results from technological investigations and new specialised technology into the footwear sector.
  • To aim for relevant content and innovative virtual learning (2 modules accumulating 60 hours each)
  • Experimental Application of the module with 90 of the sectors workers (30 workers from Spain, 30 from Italy and 30 from Slovenia).
  • Create a Permanent Virtual Learning Platform.
  • Promote the innovation and competitiveness of the SME.
  • Promote the European cooperation amongst the businesses in the sector.

SHOES-INNOVA uses both realistic and virtual constructions with the support of expert-tutors and spectator and on-line meetings, which boost the CIT learning support. For this structured material and tools will be developed that will be appropriate to the development of virtual learning.

Project associates from the initial project meeting at INESCOP, Spain.


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